Moonlit Knight

Origins of the Moonlit Knight

In the beginning was ICQ and a man trying very hard to think of an original nickname. Then he remembered a line from a favourite song of his youth.

A few years later and being of slightly unsound mind he decided to create a character around the nickname and share it with the world.

The name appealed to me at first because at the time it was unique on ICQ. It was also romantic in two ways; a moonlit night – of course, and a moonlit knight, definitely a knight in shining armour. I thought that should attract all the damsels out there.

Then, after playing the song again and getting the name  in context, I realised it also had  mythic/mystic connotations. Dammit Genesis were so good at that – wordplay, allegory and deeper meanings and then, there’s the music.

The Song:  Dancing With The Moonlit Knight

For an in-depth analysis of the song you cannot beat this Review of Dancing With The Moonlit Knight by George Starostin.

This is a great site if you are interested in finding out more about your favourite rock songs.

Champion of the Goddess

My own little conceit of having him be the Champion of the Goddess came after reading Sir Gawain: Knight of the Goddess: Restoring an Archetype by John Matthews.

Logo of my original Moonlit Knight website

Logo from my original website

Concept and Aims

The concept originally was to be about the adventures of the Moonlit Knight as a fictional character. But I was really getting nowhere with that. So, recently, I decided to write as myself but keeping him as an alter ego  to my more analytical self.

I shall be writing about and posting links to sites that are of interest to me: which will include articles on the arts, religion,  psychology, philosophy and anything else that takes my fancy.

My aims are, hopefully, to entertain, inform and (at least) point you in the direction of websites that do.