Jun 29

Can Somebody Shut Sharapova Up

Maria Sharapova may be a brilliant tennis player but I cannot watch any of her games. That grunting and shrieking like some demented banshee really puts me off. She is not the only one, but certainly the worst. I can understand the odd grunt when serving and maybe when playing a difficult shot, but every (insert your own expletive here) stroke. It’s excessive, unwarranted and makes me want to gag her.

Last year her her loudest effort was recorded as 101db, 11db above a freight train but 35db below the rock band Kiss, but, to be fair, they do have the advantage of  huge banks of amplifiers.

Jun 15

What A Load Of Rubbish

I have just been watching Royal Academy Summer Exhibition: The Culture Show on BBC2. The largest open-submission contemporary art show in the world. I must really try to get down there sometime this summer.

One exhibit really stood out, but not in a good way. Self portrait as Rubbish Bin by Michael Landy is just that, a rubbish bin. O.K. it is made out of bronze but how is it art? Apart from the title, which is apt and a recurring theme in his art, there seems to be no other artistic input from him. He just sent a rubbish bin to a Chinese foundry and said copy that.

The price: a cool £26,000 , but I am sure some poor misguided fool will buy it. Maybe the real designer of the bin should get a cut.

My Other Bin Is In The Royal Academy