Comment Rules

I personally moderate this site so lets save mine and your time by setting some limits on what comments will be allowed.

I do not like making rules so here are a few Feel frees.

Feel free to ask questions.

Feel free to agree with me.

Feel free to disagree with me – with the proviso that it is a well thought out argument and not some diatribe. I will not get into any type of flame war.

Feel feel to criticize . Constructive criticism is always welcome – same proviso as above.

Please keep on topic of Post.

Feel free to leave a link to yourself, be it an on-line profile of you or your own website or blog.

Don’t just say “I like this page” or “I like this site.” It is nice to know but doesn’t really add anything.

Blatant advertising will not be allowed. If anybody’s going to make money from  this blog it’s going to be me.

Any questions (may even give me an idea for another post) or suggestions to Moonlit Knight on facebook

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