Mar 16

Some Changes of Mind

I had already decided to delete Using WordPress. I was originally going to write about my experiences of using it, and how I solved problems of trying to get it to the way I want. But there are loads of good guides out there, and a good user community.

Anyway I’d decided  a time ago to use blogging software as a base for my site as I was tweaking with the look and feel of my site rather than actually adding content. With blogging software all you really need to do is pick a theme you like, change a few settings and go write.

I still love tweaking and I’ve found one that I can tweak to my hearts content and am using it to publish my more technical blog.

Now that I am actually writing stuff I might tweak this one some more. But apart from a couple of niggles it doesn’t look too bad.

I have also decided there will be no category for Being 60 as I want to appeal to as wide an age group as I can, and a category with that name may put people off.

I may well write posts about it (in fact I have one in mind for the future) but they will go in Maunderings.

And speaking of Maunderings:

I may be a very untidy person and my flat is a bit of a mess, but I have a tidy mind and I don’t quite like the word uncategorised. Everything should have it’s place. Putting something in Uncategorised smacks of lazy thinking.

That’s where Maunderings came in – A place to put all my uncategorised (mainly personal) thoughts without actually calling it that.

Maundering – a lovely word. It was a word I had picked up somewhere and I knew it was something to do with thoughts and I liked it’s archaic sound.

It wasn’t until I looked the word up recently that I realised it was more apt  than I thought.

I still have Uncategorised, and this will be where I put this post..  I still really want to call it something else but, for the moment though, I will at least change that z to an s.


Feb 15

I’m Back Again

Oh dear. I have been very remiss in my blogging duties. A very long time since my last post, although I may do some back dated posts so it doesn’t look so bad 🙂 I did have some notes somewhere for posts I could have done.

I blame it a little on laziness and a lot because of the free to play multiplayer role-playing fantasy game Lord of the Rings Online – I seem to have become a bit of an addict. I am thinking I shall have to write about my adventures and experiences there.

Jul 10

Moonlit Knight Is Now A DotCom


Today I took the major step of buying the domain name – not for the first time admitedly, I had it years ago but because of circumstances let it lapse.

I was originally going to buy it from 1&1 Internet as £6.99 for the first year and then £9.99 annually seemed to be a good bargain and it has a UK presence. Midway in the registration process though I hit a snag – it would not accept my mobile number and I have not got a landline.

Next on my list was Go which had an even better offer, £6.74 for the first year – so I went for that and the signup was a doddle. They even threw in for free, although I am not sure what to do with it at the moment.

I was very impressed with the speed between confirmation of purchase and being able manage my domains. The domain manager itself is reasonably easy to use and it wasn’t  long before I had used domain forwarding to point to my website.

Changing Hosts

OK, so far so good. The only trouble is that domain forwarding, used mainly if you have variations on the same domain name but want them to point to the same website, still shows the original url. Call me vain but I wanted to see in the address bar.

Domain masking is one option but, because it uses a frameset it has the disadvantage that it breaks the link between content and a URL, making it difficult to link to or bookmark a page within the frameset. Search engines will also see two websites with duplicate content – not good.

Being a poor knight errant I am hosted free at but unfortunately, although it has been good in every other respect, there is no access to their nameservers. Luckily for me I also had an account with another free host that did.

(To Be Continued)

Apr 25

Hello world!

Welcome to Moonlit Knight’s Blog.

I cannot think of a more appropriate or auspicious time for the rebirth of this new incarnation of Moonlit Knight – the Champion of the Goddess.

I know the Christian Easter is not on the same date as the pagan festival but it’s the thought that counts.

Now I have a new home all thats needed to do is move in my old furniture and redecorate.