Some Changes of Mind

I had already decided to delete Using WordPress. I was originally going to write about my experiences of using it, and how I solved problems of trying to get it to the way I want. But there are loads of good guides out there, and a good user community.

Anyway I’d decided  a time ago to use blogging software as a base for my site as I was tweaking with the look and feel of my site rather than actually adding content. With blogging software all you really need to do is pick a theme you like, change a few settings and go write.

I still love tweaking and I’ve found one that I can tweak to my hearts content and am using it to publish my more technical blog.

Now that I am actually writing stuff I might tweak this one some more. But apart from a couple of niggles it doesn’t look too bad.

I have also decided there will be no category for Being 60 as I want to appeal to as wide an age group as I can, and a category with that name may put people off.

I may well write posts about it (in fact I have one in mind for the future) but they will go in Maunderings.

And speaking of Maunderings:

I may be a very untidy person and my flat is a bit of a mess, but I have a tidy mind and I don’t quite like the word uncategorised. Everything should have it’s place. Putting something in Uncategorised smacks of lazy thinking.

That’s where Maunderings came in – A place to put all my uncategorised (mainly personal) thoughts without actually calling it that.

Maundering – a lovely word. It was a word I had picked up somewhere and I knew it was something to do with thoughts and I liked it’s archaic sound.

It wasn’t until I looked the word up recently that I realised it was more apt  than I thought.

I still have Uncategorised, and this will be where I put this post..  I still really want to call it something else but, for the moment though, I will at least change that z to an s.


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