Games Without Frontiers

The idea for this post came easily to me, hardly had to think about it at all and the title nearly wrote itself. Thank you Peter.

As most of my friends on my facebook page are gamers why not start off with a little piece about on-line games.

It’s a good way to start of my Games category, which will be mostly about on-line and computer games, and might even interest some enough for them to come and pay a visit. After all, they are my only audience at the moment.

As I said most of my facebook friends are here because of the games but I don’t really know any of them. But that’s because this was just my page to play games. I would come on, play the games and go. And when I stopped playing I hardly ever came back.

But, by the very nature of the medium in which these games are played, there are no frontiers and distance means nothing.

And it leads me to wonder how many international friendships have been forged just through playing on-line games.

If any one would like to tell their own experience of this please leave a comment. It would be nice to get one other than spam. Or maybe send me a message on facebook.

You may be wondering why I am going to write about on-line games if I gave up playing them.

I gave up the facebook games because they were taking up too much of my time. I was playing the same games on both accounts to help each-other out and I’d even gone as far as making a third account for the same purpose ( he is still around somewhere). The games were also eating through my bandwidth allowance at a horrible rate because of the way they have to be written. So my on-line games fix came from the free multi-player games you had to download – but using a lot less bandwidth to play.

I do still play one game on my other account Viking Clan, mainly because I can just go on get my daily points in and go. I may also go in at times during the day. The only trouble is when they do the special three day calendar – I tend to try to see if I can do it three times instead of just being happy with one.

So if there are any Viking Clan players, I think you can do it from my Viking Clan profile Philip Sigudmu or just send friend request to Philip Dyer and take it from there.

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