Gandalf’s Fist – A Modern British Prog Rock Band

Prog Rock or , to give it its full title, Progressive Rock had its heyday in the early 1970’s but is still alive and kicking today. Although I was big fan in the original days I haven’t been following it recently so missed the emergence of this band, Gandalf’s Fist, in 2005.

Comprising of Dean Marsh and Luke Severn they hale from Maryport in Cumberland and give their interests as drinking whisky and hunting Orcs.

Signed up to Out of the Box Records they have already released three albums, The Master and the Monkey, Road to Darkness and Songs from the Solway. They are currently in the process of writing their latest album From a Point of Existence.

I love this video – what more does any self-respecting knight need than a dragon to slay and a damsel to rescue.


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