I’m Back Again (Reprise)

Well a couple of eventful weeks. First my  hard disk finally gives up the ghost so I bring forward the date of buying a brand spanking new computer, and then, before I really have a chance to play with it, I have an unscheduled winter break courtesy of the NHS.

Nothing too serious. Just some bacteria that had decided that some part of me near the throat was a good place to set up home. Needed a bit of help from the NHS bailiffs to evict them.

No internet, no TV for 5 days. How did I cope? Well, after the initial panic and shock, reasonably well. But more of those adventures later.

Anyway, I got back home about 7.20 pm and am now playing catchup in a major way. Thank you, thank you On Demand TV. Mainly BBC iPlayer at the moment but the others will get their turn in due course.


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