An Interesting Evening

Or how ignorance and a false assumption led to an evening, not worth writing about into two posts and an idea for another category.

Of course, the first post is now this one.

First the ignorance. I have never had a MRI Scan before.

You may experience a little noise he said. That was no kind of warning for what happened.

Hence the second post MRI Scan Symphony

Someone must have written about this before. It’s such an amazing experience. But I am not going to check just in case I am tempted to read it and influence my own writing.

Second the false assumption. I know you shouldn’t assume but that’s it I suppose everyone does it at one time and another.

My last status on facebook was:

Hooray!! Final scan this evening and then a small celebration with friends.

The trouble is my friends didn’t know this. They don’t even know I was in hospital. I didn’t tell them.

I wasn’t going to tell anyone. I was going to tell them afterwards. “Oh, by the way, I’ve been in hospital and I’m all better now.”

The hospital though had to tell my sister. There is always a chance that going under general anaesthetic can be dangerous and they needed a next of kin.

The reason I didn’t tell anybody was that I had no idea that a visit to the doctors was going to be so dramatic. It was a sore throat, OK it was a very sore throat. I couldn’t eat and it was very hard to swallow, but I’d had this sort of thing before. I used to get very bad tonsillitis years and years ago, so as far as I was concerned I was just popping in to get some antibiotics. They used to start working almost from taking the first one.

But the doctor thought it had got too bad and was worried that it might close up my windpipe. So it was straight to Accident and Emergency.

I still wonder that if I had gone when the sore throat had first started it would have turned out different.

Now to the reason they didn’t know I was going to be out that evening.

I’d been somewhat worried that I wouldn’t be up to it.

Although the worse parts of the side-effects were over, I had taken my final steroid on Thursday, I was still getting  periods of lack of concentration and “now what did I come here for”

Twice I’d gone down to the kitchen to make a drink with coffee in my cup and a tea bag in my hand, and I use a different mug for each.

Come to think of it. Why didn’t anyone tell me about these side effects. All I got was “There may be some weight gain”. Not a problem to me, I’m a long lanky git, could most probably do with some more weight.

My sister who also had to have at one time a short course of steroids and had no such problems.

Maybe  different steroids have different effects.

Perhaps they effect different people different ways and the doctors don’t really know what the side-effects will actually be.

Or did they just forget?

So, the idea was to go and have the scan then see how I felt before I rang to see where they were in Romford.

Funnily, on the way to the bus stop, it felt that maybe I’d put my pants on back to front. but it was only that I’d got my shirt tails twisted.

The false assumption of course that they would be in Romford. They do go other places, but not often, they are usually in Romford.

Yes you guessed it.

No problem though. I can see them next weekend, I will be much better then and I can really celebrate.

I can still go into Romford get something to eat and then have a drink, and in my favourite pub now, because one of my friends has unfortunately managed to get himself barred from this establishment.

And then I had second thoughts. It is a long walk and, although it’s near another bus route to Ilford, I’ll have a longer walk home.

As there is a pub right outside where I get off the bus to home, why not have a drink there. It’s a lot closer to home and I can get some chips or something on the way back.

I have lived in this area before and used this pub on my way to or back from Ilford. Now though, I would have to go out of my way to get there. So all in all I haven’t been there for at least ten years.

I am glad now that I did. It was a pleasant surprise. They had a very nice guest beer, some flavours of which got through even my iffy taste buds. A shame it’s nearly coming to it’s end – I would love to see what it really tastes like.

Any way it was called “Black Cat” and made by Moorhouse’s Brewery which is a shame because it’s in Lancashire. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find it as a guest beer somewhere else locally.

It has a nice beer garden and smoking area out the back.

I only went into the small bar, I had forgotten how small, and the people there were very friendly and I was soon in a conversation with some of them. I didn’t really want to leave after one drink, but I hadn’t eaten for ages because of the time of the appointment. Had to leave at the time usually I would have my evening meal.

Thus the new category. I’d already had the idea for one on drink and now I have decided to have one on the places I have enjoyed drinking in. Still got to think of a name for it though.

I may also have found my new local.

Only one problem, the chip shop I was going to get some food from was closed, so it’s down to the corner shop on my road, which was also packing up, for a large packet of Chili Heatwave Doritos and some chocolate.

Two more bonuses.   I can get in a few more whacks on the Viking Clan 3 day St. Patricks day calendar. I also get to watch Down Periscope on Movie Mix. Not great comedy by any means but with one great put-down.

“Careful, you are talking to a Superior Officer”

“No, merely a higher ranking one”


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