Introducing Internal Dialogue

After the shopping trip on Saturday I was trying to think of a way to write about how the slight confusion felt and decided to use internal dialogue.

But during the reverie of just resting in the sun the internal dialogue carried on and made me smile. So I thought why not share, somebody might find it as amusing as I did. So without further ado I inflict them on you too – please give a big welcome to Internal Dialogue.



What’s your name then?

I don’t have a name.

Why not?

I don’t need one. There are only the two of us here.

What difference does that make?

You speak then I speak. No confusion.

OK. I get it. But what if someone else joins us?

They won’t. You know one of his  favourite acronyms.

Oh yes. K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid. And  I can see that three of us here, if only two are needed, would violate that. I can only see one problem though.

What’s that?

The boss is stupid. Wouldn’t Internal Monologue be simpler? You say something, you say something. definitely not confusing.

Well, to be fair. Critical thinking really isn’t his forte at the moment. Anyway – I say something, You say something is no harder to type than I say something, I say something.

Oh yes, I see. And, yes not having names really helps there.

So, now we have got that sorted, are you ready to say Hello to the readers?

The readers?

Yes the readers. We are going out to the internet. We are are going to be part of a blog – people will read what we say.

Why would they want to do that?

He finds us amusing and thought other people out there might enjoy us too.

I don’t really fancy all that extra work.

What extra work?

Well, he is so easily amused. Especially at the moment. It’s going to be harder work to amuse other people.

We don’t have to  – we only have to amuse him. Anything else is a bonus.

That’s all right then.

So, are you ready to say hello now?

But we are still in Draft.

That’s because the post isn’t finished yet. But if we wait till it is, the hello will come at the end. So we will  just have to pretend for now.

I think I can handle that. But who says it?

I don’t think it really matters. But lets say it together. On the count of three. One. Two. Three.

‘Hello Readers’

So, these readers, are they important then?

The only reason we are really here.

What if they don’t like us?

The ones that don’t like us will go away disappointed, but some might enjoy us.

That’s a lot of responsibility on us if he wants readers.

No it’s fine, he writes about other stuff too.

Oh yes, I see. Other posts. Not very many and some are very old.

I know, pathetic isn’t it. But he did apologise.

What was that? I felt a bump.

He has written an introduction to us.

Oh, that’s nice. But he said inflict. Inflict – doesn’t he take us seriously?

Think about it.

Oh, that’s another bump. Wow. We’re out. We’re Posted. But two other posts have disappeared. We’ve lost the one about the Sword Fragarach and the Prog Rock Band Gandalf’s Fist.

Don’t worry about it they’re still there. Just not on the first page any more.

Oh good, because Hymn to Ratri has just gone too. But why are we still talking? I thought we were posted.

We are. But he is still editing. Don’t forget he is new at this. He is wondering how much more of this to put in.

We did go on a bit that afternoon didn’t we. But won’t this be a bit confusing? How will the readers know when we are finished if he keeps on adding stuff?

No problem, he will be finished well before we get any readers. Nobody knows where here yet. But as we have already said hello we could just say a goodbye.

Ooh, ooh, can we do the goodnight one?

Oh yes, that one. I know how much you have wanted to do that one. And how about that for timing, I think this is it. Tell me when you are ready then I’ll start.

OK. Ready.

And it’s goodnight from me.

And its goodnight from him.


Well that’s that then.

Will we be back.?

We’ll have to wait and see



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