Last health update I promise

No more of those feeling stoned periods since Sunday – thank goodness. Concentration does wander a bit but improving. Actually though when it does I go for a walk in the garden which is a lot healthier than my old self where I spent too much time at my computer in one go. Must keep it up.

Technical skills still a bit fuzzy. Which is a shame I really want to go over to the other side of my dual boot machine and play with my new Linux Mint.

Looks like I shall have to stay with my creative side for a while. I can always do some non technical posts on my other blog.

My only real gripe at the moment is taste. My mouth still feels like rubbish, getting some flavours, I know what I’m eating but I’m missing something and texture feels all wrong. And I really fancy a burger.

Edit so I don’t have to be seen to be a liar.

I am not sure yet if it’s because my taste buds had suddenly improved or my choice of meal this evening was inspired – but oh, it was so mmmmmm.

I was so satisfied I am going to give a big hand and a free plug to:

Iceland Italian Stonebaked Mediterranean Vegetable Pizza.




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