I still seem to have the writing bug. Ideas for the site are resurfacing and new ones keep on popping up – sometimes too fast – I’m having to take notes. (Note to technical self: Maybe a review of of note taking software) See.

But, I thought I would take some time and reflect on, “Why now?”

It maybe be because last December was my 60th Birthday.

The feeling that after all these years I really haven’t  really done anything with my life. I am not complaining here – I have had great time along the way and intend  to carry on that way for a very long time.

Maybe it’s my shot at immortality of a kind.

But then again, the idea of Moonlit Knight has been around for ages. I liked the design of my site and still remember how pleased I felt with myself when I converted it from HTML, using tables to php and CSS.

I tried using the blog format thinking this would give me a freer approach. This was not the first and this goes back to April 2011 but it still never really got going.

It may have been the catalyst but there was still the big chance that it would also never get going.

My stay in hospital was a big contributory cause:

Four days without TV, the internet or computer games and no worries except, “When’s  dinner?” But a lot of time to think. So much time. What to do with it when the library books finished, when the papers are read, when the crosswords done. Luckily two of the days were Saturday and Sunday. That certainly sparked the creative juices.

But still.

And then I realised why this idea had never really got of the ground. I lacked confidence in my abilities as a writer. I had seen other sites and weblogs and had been discouraged – I was never going to be worthy of being in their company.

And then it hit me. It really didn’t matter at all about how good other people were at doing this.

This is my website – it’s for me.

I shall treat it as I have done so far with my life. To enjoy the journey to the best of my abilities. It doesn’t matter what other people think.

If I can entertain, inform or even maybe help people on the way, that would be, as Internal Dialogue so succinctly put it “A bonus.”

Thank You.

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