More of the Same

Feeling pretty smug with myself now. Even under the circumstances I have managed to finish off yesterdays post and I’m on target to get this post out today if I keep it short.

This morning was a bit of an adventure. Expecting a normal signing on day, I thought, I can handle this and headed down for 9.25 am, only to find I’ve got a review. I am not sure how I managed to get through it and I kept wondering when somebody would realise that I was as high as a kite.

I suppose really I should have not signed the declaration. If I  had to attend an interview or start work immediately I would have been well and truly rumbled.

No wonder you get to carry a yellow card. I can just see the scenario. “Sorry Officer. Yes I am stoned. But it’s all quite legal thanks to the medication I am on.”

Tapering off of effects quicker today. Nearly managed to watch The Chase in one hit and was fine by The Gadget Show at 7.00 pm.

Only six  more days of this to go. OK , that does still sound long, but I am not tempted to cut the treatment short.


Nearly forgot. Ta Da

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