My Religious Beliefs

I will take this opportunity to explain my own religious beliefs, give some idea of what the Category “Religion, Myths and Legends” will contain and introduce you to a recent facebook friend.

Intellectually I am an atheist, but with an interest in comparative religion.

In my heart a pagan.

Actually I use the word “heart” for convenience sake. People will understand the word in this context, but I shall be exploring in the future what constitutes the heart or soul. And I do mean exploring, I have some ideas but a lot of it will be uncharted territory for me.

I was originally going to have “Religion” and “Myths and Legends” as separate categories,but, as most myths were somebody’s religion once, I have decided to combine the two and have sub-categories, which I think will work much better.

Jann has been a facebook friend for about a year but we hadn’t chatted much in that time. I knew she was into health and fitness as her status reports often were about the runs she had been on.

But, just recently, she had asked for a couple of followers on her new Twitter account so she could get a bit of practice in how to use it.

It was then I saw she had a website and, being curious, decide to visit it.

I found out she actually runs  a health and wellness centre in North Yorkshire.

To my surprise,  the name is one of the themes I was thinking of developing – It is an amazing universe ( how nobody else had got to  the URL first was amazing in itself). And then I saw she ran something called Divinely Feminine Circles. Now if that doesn’t fit into my theme of Moonlit Knight being the Champion of the Goddess nothing does.

Coincidently, this started on  March 5th., my second day out of hospital and first post since I decided that I could actually make a go of this site.

So, without further ado, I give you:

Amazing Universe

You may well owe me a drink for this Jann. Which I will collect later this year – I’m thinking here about all those lovely Yorkshire Bitters, oh, and also I have some cousins in that area that I haven’t seen for years.


2 thoughts on “My Religious Beliefs

  1. Oh yes..oh yes…to the Dales….hand pulled beers from Masham….. I don’t drink but not sure I could resist a half of Black Sheep….. x

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