Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head

Hmm – another Beatles lyric. OK boys, I get then hint.

Felt a positive lazybones this morning. Didn’t wake till 7.50 am.  I was pleasantly surprised the steroid effects had lessened so dramatically as I had been expecting it to be more gradual. Still there but more under control. Stayed out in the garden for some time, but more because it was a nice morning rather than the need to pace about like some caged animal.

Higher cognitive skills seem to be returning. Which is good as, it would like to do something with my also woefully underwritten technical blog while I’ve still got the writing bug.

Talking of which. I really should thank the whoever or whatever that my computer went kaput when it did. I would really have been in trouble if it had gone after I came out of the hospital as it is also my TV.

Oh, before I go off to do some shopping and forget. This is a great get out of bed song.

Matt Bianco – Get out of your lazy Bed 1984 http://youtu.be/DKdsArZ2Nes

I’m glad I checked the Beatles lyrics, I had forgotten about this one.

Got back from shopping and felt pleasantly tired. It’s daylight and I could actually sit, just sit, out in the garden and enjoy a cup of tea.

While I was out I had a little incident that reminded me I am not completely out of the woods yet.

This is a nice walk.

Yes it is. But don’t forget it has a purpose.

Oh yes . Shopping. We need to get some money.

OK. There’s the machine. Lets go for that.

The money’s not coming out.

Did you put the wrong pin number in?

No. It’s the card. It’s not working. It’s just sitting there.

Aha, I think I’ve found the problem.

Ha ha. Oh yes. I don’t think  trying to use the Iceland Bonus Card works well at a bank.

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